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Marchello Racing Team - 2012 NSW Motor Race Championship Round 4

2012 NSW Motor Race Championship Round 4

2012 NSW Motor Race Championship Round 4

August 24, 2012

Round 4 of the NSW Motor Race Championship held at Wakefield Park on the 11th & 12th of August, proved to be an action packed and memorable weekend for MRTeam. In previous races, Ryan and Reece were mindful of keeping their cars straight and undamaged as they had exhibits booked at various events closely following. This time though, circumstances were different. With no commitments set following this race meeting, Ryan and Reece allowed themselves more freedom to test their boundaries and take a few risks.

The weekend was a challenge right from the start. Short staffed and a sick Team Manager resulted in confusion and average qualifying times for Ryan and Reece. Not to be disheartened by their Qualifying results, the brothers were off to a good start in race 1.

Starting from 14th position, Reece took off on a mission and was in 7th position by turn 2 which he then held for the majority of the race. However the last lap saw Reece drop back to 9th when he came in hot on turn 8 and ran wide on the dirt. Ryan started race 1 from 15th position and successfully worked his way in to 10th position on the chase to catch Reece. With 4 laps to go, having just completed his fastest lap of the race, Ryan came in to hot water when some slight over steering found him on the grass off turn 3. With the speed in which Ryan left the circuit, an unexpected water course completely destroyed his front spoiler. Luckily no other damage was sustained and he was able to finish the race in 12th place.

Race 2 saw a reversal of placings for the brothers. Consistent smooth driving by Ryan saw him work his way up the field to take out 7th place. Reece was holding 8th position throughout the race up until he missed 2nd gear coming in to the corner on turn 10. Reece was unable to wash off enough speed to make the turn and ended up on the grass, finishing the race in 11th place.

Race 3 was an adrenaline packed race. Ryan and Reece were right in the action with another half a dozen cars all bumper to bumper fighting for the critical positions at the front of the pack. The battle to stay in the top 10 was strong throughout the whole race. Ryan finished up the weekend with a strategic corner exit from turn 10 followed by a final drag race down the straight. The awesome power of his engine saw Ryan first over the line in 8th by half a car length, with Reece closely following in 10th.

The brothers consistently laid down some of their fastest lap times at Wakefield Park during race 3. Reece achieved a personal best time with a 1:07.5868. Ryan’s PB was 1:07.3898 achieved in Race 2. Since last being at Wakefield park, the brothers have gained a good 3 + seconds a lap due to the suspension upgrade and the new 050 tyres. The cars performed well with the 98 Octane fuel from Ulladulla Motors.

Both Ryan and Reece dealt with the high pressure of very close competitive racing extremely well and held their own on the race track with some very experienced drivers. They thrived on the adrenaline, pushed themselves to the limit, and went home with a wealth of experience under their belts.

Thank you to all our wonderful sponsors and supporters who joined us for the weekend. A huge thanks also goes out to Christopher Collins from Flickapolitan and his partner Rebecca who worked tirelessly through the weekend to get some fabulous video footage which we look forward to releasing to you all soon!!!

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